Rate Deal

The orange "Rate Deal" button on the right, will allow you to rate your experience and dealings with the other company, with whom you have just closed a deal. Both parties of a closed deal have the opportunity to rate the deal they have just completed.

The closed deals are rated on four different scales: Accuracy, On-time Delivery, Payments, and Reliability, all averaged to give an Overall Rating. Stars represent the ratings (with one being the lowest to five being the highest). Please fill in the "Rate Deal" information to help prevent unwelcome users and improper bids by rating the other party in your deals within the system. Your feedback contributes to an ethical self-policing environment on the Live Open Marketplace, and will benefit you and other Live Open Marketplace users in the future. Click on the "Rate Deal" button to open the Rate Deal form.

If the other party has given your transaction a rating, it will appear in your closed deal details.