Understanding Matches and Indicators

There is indicator information regarding any Match on the actual matching order itself. This information includes:

Match Type

"For Sale" signs or Money Icons indicate a Buy or a Sell Order.

Brief Description

Gives you a short summary of what this matching order is. Click on the text here to be taken to a full description of the matching order.

Urgency Bar

Indicates the time remaining before an offer expires.

- Indicates that the order will expire in one month.

- Indicates that the order will expire in one week.

- Indicates that the order will expire in one day.

- Indicates that the order will expire in three hours.

Negotiation Status

Indicates the state of negotiations this matching order is currently in (includes My Offer, Their Offer, etc.).

To get more detailed information about a specific "Order Match", click on the Brief Description link for the match you wish to view. Your order details as well as those of the matching order will appear side by side, for your ease of comparison, all pertinent details for these orders will appear on this new page .

The Live Negotiator will also appear at the top of this page so that you can easily initiate negotiations if you would like to.

Click the "Back" button from the order details view to return to your list.

Match Status

There are three different states that any match can appear in. These include:

  • New
  • Viewed
  • Updated

New Matches

These are matches that have occurred in the system, but have not yet been looked at by you, the user.

Viewed Matches

You have viewed these matches, at least once.

Updated Matches

This match has been changed since you last looked at it. These changes could be to the matching order, and usually require your attention.