Welcome to the OmniCanna Health Solutions, where Buyers and Sellers of Goods and Services can dynamically manage, source, negotiate and transact real-time opportunities in a secure online marketplace community.

Our top priority is meeting your online marketplace needs, as fast and efficiently as possible through our live streaming marketplace that can instantly bring you up-to-the-minute inventory availability. We offer buyers an opportunity to negotiate and secure the best prices without compromising the seller's proprietary pricing information. In fact, we may have one of the most powerful and cost effective means for offering, tracking and negotiating inventory for sale on the Internet today.

The Live Open Marketplace (LOM) system is designed to facilitate collaboration between buyers and sellers. While similar to an auction, there are two qualities that distinguish it from such. First is the capability of providing private one-on-one negotiations while dynamically loading and matching inventory changes, instantly updating new opportunities as they become available.

Second is the distinction of a "Public Exchange" and a "Private Exchange". The Live Open Marketplace connects buyers and sellers in two ways, a "Public Exchange" and a "Private Exchange". The "Public Exchange" is described below in your Trading Floor. With the "Private Exchange", sellers are able to review all the orders (Including orders that do not have a match) belonging to buyers in their private group.